At the water’s edge of Lake Erie, Luke J. Tornatzky as a young boy would gaze for hours upon its expansive surface, lost in the contemplation of its ever-changing dialog of reflective shape and color. All the seasons of the year provided the drama and infused his developing sensibility with a heightened awareness of the interplay of ever-changing environments.

Years later, at Cleveland’s Cooper School of Art, and the University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Design, his natural proclivities were further, and more formally developed. Always drawn to working with his hands, and enjoying the beauty and texture of wood. Luke spent several years as a finish carpenter creating elegant and original cabinets, counters and other interior designs for fine homes. When he returned to art full-time, this craft was carried over and around each of his paintings in the form of his own custom frames. “It’s a way of assuring that each work has a frame consistent with my vision for it” he explains. Heavy, wide, brushed black frames with a soft matte finish embrace lived scenes of surreal peace and serenity.

Through various media, Luke directly expresses his silent stories of love, longing, and solitude. There is a strength and power behind his work that few artists in similar genre, convey. The child at the waters edge is within him still, as he shares with us his fascination for the subtle and the divine.